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The University of Mississippi


To prevent illegal or abusive alcohol consumption.

As is true on most college and university campuses, many of the offenses committed against people and property at Ole Miss are a direct result of alcohol misuse/abuse. Such behavior interferes with the University’s educational mission and shows a lack of respect for one’s self, for others within the University community, and for the community at large. Thus, the University of Mississippi prohibits the abusive or unlawful sale, manufacture, possession, distribution, and consumption of alcohol.

Students, recognized student organizations, or others found in violation of this policy will be subject to campus disciplinary action, as well as potential civil liability and/or criminal prosecution. (See “Two Strike” policy describing minimum campus sanctions for alcohol and drug violations.)

Visitors to the University campus who violate this policy may be subject to civil liability and/or criminal prosecution as well as other consequences in the discretion of the University. Such consequences may include limiting one’s access to campus or campus events and losing season ticket privileges, among other things.

This policy applies to the conduct of any student organization in connection with an event sponsored by that student organization, whether on or off campus.

Below are some specifics of the alcohol policy at Ole Miss.

  1. It is unlawful, and therefore violates this policy, for any person under the age of twenty-one to possess or consume alcohol.
  2. The University of Mississippi prohibits unlawful driving under the influence of alcohol.
  3. The University of Mississippi prohibits inappropriate behavior that is a direct result of alcohol consumption. Any student or other person publicly intoxicated will be found in violation of this policy.
  4. The distribution of alcohol without a permit is unlawful and thus a violation of University policy. Any possession of alcohol in plain view or unattended alcohol shall be considered distribution in violation of this policy. Alcohol left unattended or in plain view may be confiscated. The University prohibits the possession of items that provide for common distribution of alcohol on or in University property and buildings located on the University’s campus. Examples include, but are not limited to, kegs, pony kegs, party balls, and other forms of common supply. Such items may be confiscated by the University.
  5. Lafayette County is “dry” for beer and light wine (less than 5% alcohol by weight). Thus, distribution, possession, and consumption of beer and light wine is illegal in that portion of the University’s campus that lies outside of the City of Oxford.
  6. Drinking games and rapid consumption techniques and devices (e.g., funnels, shots, etc…) by their nature promote abusive consumption of alcohol and thus violate this policy.
  7. The University prohibits the possession and consumption of alcohol within administrative and academic buildings, except and unless when served under a lawfully issued permit.
  8. It is unlawful, and thus violates this policy, to sell or consume alcoholic beverages (5% or greater alcohol by weight) within University athletics venues during intercollegiate athletics events.