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The University of Mississippi

Alcohol Policy Q&A

1. For people 21 and older, how does the policy affect the possession and consumption of alcohol?

The university will enforce all applicable state and local laws. State law prohibits consumption of liquor within athletics venues during athletics events. County law prohibits possession or consumption of light alcoholic beverages (beer and wine coolers, for example) on all parts of campus that lie outside the city limits of Oxford. University policy prohibits the possession or consumption of alcohol inside academic or administrative buildings unless served by properly licensed caterers.

2. What about residence halls?

Residence Life does not plan to change its policy prohibiting alcohol in residence halls. In any event, 93 percent of our students who live in residence halls are underage, so alcohol possession and consumption is illegal for them.

3. How does the new policy affect tailgating in the Grove?

The university expects everyone to behave responsibly and to show respect for others and for university property. University Police have been asked to focus their enforcement efforts on illegal and abusive drinking. Beer is illegal under county law, and thus prohibited in the Grove. Although liquor is legal for people 21 and older, distribution without a permit is illegal, and any alcohol left unattended or in plain view will be confiscated.

4. Will there be restrictions on coolers in the Grove?

The university cannot be responsible for any unattended property, including coolers and their contents. If alcohol is found in unattended coolers or is otherwise unsecured, law enforcement officers will confiscate it.

5. Who will enforce the rules on game day?

University Police Department has the primary responsibility to enforce laws on campus, with support from auxiliary officers and other security personnel.

6. How will the rules be enforced in campus stadiums, including the club areas and skyboxes?

Law enforcement officers have the authority and have been asked to enforce applicable laws everywhere on campus, including club areas and skyboxes.

7. Will enforcement practices change for baseball games?

The athletics department is reviewing its picnicking policies and may make changes before the start of baseball season next spring.

8. Are the rules different for fraternity and sorority houses?

No, campus rules apply to all student organizations. The Dean of Students Office is developing a social event policy that will apply to all student organizations to better address abusive and illegal drinking.

9. How does the “two-strike” rule work?

Any alcohol violation on campus will be subject to “two-strike,” as will any drug or DUI conviction occurring in the Oxford-Lafayette community. On the first offense, students or organizations will be required to complete an alcohol/drug education program, perform community service and serve probation for the remainder of the current semester and two subsequent semesters. Students found guilty of a second offense while on probation will be suspended for at least one complete semester. Organizations found guilty of a second offense will have all social activities suspended for at least one complete semester. For a complete listing of the two-strike policy, go to (Web page here).

10. What are the penalties for nonstudent violators?

Campus visitors who violate the alcohol policy may forfeit season ticket privileges or lose access to campus or campus events, as well as be subject to criminal prosecution and civil liability.